What Is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease that remains poorly understood and without specific treatment. For the time being, some treatments may provide symptomatic relief to some patients, but their tolerance often shows an unattractive result. There is no coded treatment for fibromyalgia. This finding is related to the fact that to date no physiological marker explains the different symptoms it presents (muscular pain, neuropathic pain, diffuse, asthenia, sleep disorders and depressive symptoms).

Therefore, the management of fibromyalgia patients must be multidimensional and propose a ” psyche-soma” approach . 

Despite its overrepresentation, fibromyalgia remains an unrecognized disease, the main symptom of which is generalized osteomuscular pain. The term fibromyalgia itself is considered by many physicians to be a blurred diagnosis that synthesizes the term “diffuse idiopathic polyalgic syndrome”. 

His diagnosis is often based on several years of therapeutic wandering for the patient. This diagnosis proceeds by eliminating other diseases with a similar symptomatology, such as certain autoimmune and endocrine diseases because its etiology is still unknown.

Indeed, apart from the symptoms very widely present in all the patients suffering from this condition, diffuse and chronic pain, asthenia, sleep disorders, there is a syndrome: the anxio-depressive state and sometimes even a severe or even melancholic depression .

This finding is rather ambiguous insofar as it is virtually impossible to determine whether the anxio-depressive syndrome is directly a somato-psychic effect of the disease or whether it is the triggering factor (psychosomatic determinant). A study shows that 31% of people affected by fibromyalgia have at least one depressive antecedent. As Amandine Beaugnon points out in her thesis, ” The boundary between chronic pain and depression is complicated because of their interaction; depression can be reactive to pain, these two entities are often confused . “

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