Cut it Out! Here’s How to Cut the Cord on Cable

You hear a lot about cutting the cord these day, and the opinions on the results vary so much it’s hard to get a clear picture of what the benefits will be for you.  The only way you can really know if there is some advantage to dropping cable is to work out what your family wants and needs, then find alternative services to provide it.  Who can you turn to for the answers to your question?  The friendly folks at Best Buy.  Not only can they help you figure out what the benefit will be if you decide to choose a streaming service, they have packages available and dedicated staff who can answer your all your questions.  When you’re ready, they’ll even have one of their knowledgeable Geek Squad members set up the system for you, so you can start watching your shows right away.

To figure out if dropping cable makes sense for you, start by writing down what you watch every day and what you pay for your cable service every month.  Figure in things like sports, news, movies and shows your family loves to watch.  Add something for the kids, then compare the cost to what you’d pay to have streaming installed in your home.  For some, after taking a sober look at the money they’d save, the choice is an easy one.   Many are surprised it won’t take as much to switch over as they thought.  After all, if you already have a smart TV, you have the major piece of equipment you’ll need.  Next, you’ll need to subscribe to a streaming service like Hulu, Netflix or some other service and factor in the cost per month.  But keep in mind that Best Buy has packaged deals that include everything you need to make the switch   You can get 14 days of Sling TV with the purchase of a select antennae, or 14 days with a select Sling streaming device.

In the meantime, you can browse the other items on sale at Best Buy and use a Groupon to save as much as 50% off HDTV’s, tablets, computers and more.  If you’re not ready to cut the cord just yet, at least you can buy streaming enabled products at a great price now, and hook them up later.

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